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Welcome to trail-business

Work. Bike. Travel. Let´s skip the talk about work: We love mountain biking, photography and travelling. After many bike holidays we decided to share our experience with you, mountain bikers who want to integrate biking into their holidays, go travelling just for biking or total newbies for mountain bike holidays – trail-business gives you inspiration and show you how to organize your perfect mountain bike holidays besides a full-time job. Keep (sc)rolling!


Besides the blog entries we have a separate area only for destinations we visited. Here you find the information you need for minimizing your effort in organizing your own bike holiday.

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Here you find our blog entries. Besides funny stories from our bike holidays we provide you planning and packing lists and other useful tips to make your next bike holidays a success. Enjoy!

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The classic ‘about us’ section where we introduce ourselves. Whenever you ask yourself who is writing these intersting posts and answers your comments – well – click on this link and find out.


Our goal is to bike at least once a year for a couple of days together – always at a different destination, focusing on fun, budget and the perfect mix between biking and holidays. Over the last years we have collected heaps of funny stories, experience with different bikes and equipment and a lot of photos and videos. We want to share our experiences of balancing a full-time job with mountain bike holidays.

  • gear

    The blog category gear brings you to our posts where we introduce equipment we use during our bike holidays.

  • story

    This is our narrators category. During our bike holidays sometimes strange, funny or stupid things happen. Some of them will be published on our blog, others (like when Dustin crashed into a trash bin on an almost empty beach promenade) will never be told…

  • resources

    Every bike holiday we learn something new: we improve our planning or optimize our logistics. We try out new things and share whatever we can with you. The learnings go into the resources blog category. If something is missing or you have questions let us know!

Our bikes

  • Orbea Rallon (160 mm Enduro)
  • Propain Tyee (160 mm Enduro)