We have been online for 365 days now. It all started out as a quick idea. Our intentions were a mix of sharing our experience and inspiring other mountain bikers.

Sure, we are no bike magazine, journalists or professional riders. But that is the whole point of this blog: We are working full time and try to integrate our hobby in everyday´s life: trail and business!

Looking back at the last year of trail-business.com we are very proud that our intentions were recognized and you seem to like our stories.

Now it is time to thank you and all the people who supported us over the last 365 days!

Thank you…

  • …Marcel for guiding us in Davos
  • …Jan from DirtLej, Andre from Droneking and Bjørn from trailguide.net for your support on our Norway trip
  • …Carlos from Bike Safari Tours for the great experience on the Azores
  • …to all of our friends on our hometrails in Germany (destination reports coming soon!)
  • …feedspot for adding us to your TOP 100 Mountain Bike Blogs 
  • …to all the people on facebook and instagram who like our blog and help us to grow step by step

We are looking forward to the next 365 days with you: More pictures, videos, gps tracks and travel reports – all for free!

And our next destination will be: …..announced soon  ;p

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