The first post in 2018 starts with an amazing topic: smelly shoes… 😛

But honestly: this time a year it is almost impossible to get around muddy tracks and puddles. Moreover, I don´t know many mountain bikers who really care about getting dirty. I cycle to work everyday and can´t avoid getting soaking wet.

Every mountain biker knows the feeling of coming home covered in mud, stuffing the dirty clothes into the washing machine and then leap into the shower. What´s left? The wet and dirty shoes. Most of us rinse the dirt off and put them on the radiator, stuffed with old newspapers and take out the soles. So far so good, but they will start smelling after a couple of dirty experiences. The reason for the odor is bacteria that like the wet environment in the bike shoes and start growing there. Yuk!

After having tried different options of getting rid of the smell the first finding was: forget all the sprays and gadgets you can buy. The solution is much easier and healthy as well! No, it is not buying new shoes…

How to get rid of bike shoe odor:

Always start with washing and drying the shoes properly. The best way to remove bike shoe odor afterwards is:

  • Peel and eat 2-3 tangerines or 1 orange (also try different citrus fruits)
  • Put the peels inside your shoes overnight
  • Remove the peels in the morning and take a smell (I know you would do that anyways! 🙂 )

The most ugly smell is removed already after one first night. As a side effect you probably won´t suffer from vitamin deficiency that easy!

How does it work?

I really have no clue! In case there are any chemists or biologists in our audience please leave a comment with the explanation for us.

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