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In January 2014 we had the idea of mountain biking somewhere else than our home trails. Since 2010 we have been biking in the south of Hamburg in northern Germany (yep! you can mountainbike in Hamburg, but more about that in a later post). Daniel was about to move from Hamburg to Stuttgart for a new job (office and suit of course!) and we needed a good reason to continue our common hobby.

Hence, it was clear that the destination for our first trip should not be too far from Stuttgart and the trails should not kill us.

We started leafing through bike magazines, searched the internet and narrowed the options for a long weekend down to:

  • Harz in Germany
  • Oberstdorf in Bavaria (also Germany ;))
  • Switzerland (not Germany)

As we could not agree on a destination in Switzerland and we always wanted to bike in the Alps we chose Oberstdorf and booked a Hotel for three nights from the 1st of May. Unfortunately the weather forecast got worse from week to week until only five days before our trip the forecast was really bad for Oberstdorf.

The decision for an alternative destination was easy: good weather. Meaning: no 24 h of rain! This is how we ended up in Caldaro al Lago not far from Bolzano in South Tyrol, our first bike travel.

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