Dirtsuits in summer? Well, during final plannings to visit Norway we wanted  to prepare against changing weather conditions and…

…we heard there are quite a few waterfalls in that area. Last time Dustin saw a waterfall he got in a really bad mood – nobody knows why. But it was clear we needed a solution to protect Dustin from the nasty waterfalls!!

We decided to contact dirtlej to get their brand new dirtsuit light edition that was not on the market yet. They just introduced the new series and we were lucky to get some in advance for testing in Norway. Dirtlej insured us the bad-mood-waterfall protection is being built-in. 🙂

And today we received the package! Inside the parcel we found two incredibly lightweight dirtsuits from dirtlej in orange with blue zippers. They seem to have a good quality and we are going to test them on the trails and under waterfalls in Norway next week. Daniel was really hoping for the pink version for matching his neon yellow Orbea Rallon, but unfortunately there is a supply problem at the moment. Dirtlej you can be sure he will continously check your website for the neon pink 🙂

Besides the dirtsuits dirtlej sent us their extended bike protection set. Looks like very reliable protection for our bikes being tied on the car´s bike rack. It appears to be like a full protection suit for our bikes including:

  • 2 forkprotector
  • 2 rearprotector
  • 2 frameprotector
  • 2 pedalprotector
  • 4 rimprotector

We will keep you updated with images and our experience with both the dirtsuits and the bike protection during our trip to Norway. Please root for Daniel the bad-mood-waterfall-protection really works. Otherwise he may be never seen again….

Thanks a lot to the dirtlej team for supporting us with your products!

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