We are two guys from Germany working full time in architecture and mechanical engineering. Most of our time we spend in the office wearing business dress, trying to not get them dirty at lunch (tomato sauce is nasty!)…

At least once a year we take our mountain bikes out for a bike tour. Every year to a different destination! We document our experiences with our growing photo and video equipment. During bike holidays we are not afraid of tomato sauce – only of birds, but that is another story.

bike tour dude Dustin

Dustin – the Architect (dude with the blue helmet)

Top skills: uphill and crashing.

He likes his mobile phone and hates waterfalls.

Rides a Propain Tyee 2016.

Always brings too much luggage to the bike tours.

bike tour dude Daniel

Daniel – the Engineer (dude with the neon bike)

Top skills: downhill and dinner.

He likes his camera and hates blue helmets.

Rides the Orbea Rallon 2015.

On a bike tour he needs at least one coke a day.