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Dirtsuits in summer? Well, during final plannings to visit Norway we wanted  to prepare against changing weather conditions and…

…we heard there are quite a few waterfalls in that area. Last time Dustin saw a waterfall he got in a really bad mood – nobody knows why. But it was clear we needed a solution to protect Dustin from the nasty waterfalls!!

We decided to contact dirtlej to get their brand new dirtsuit light edition that was not on the market yet. They just introduced the new series and we were lucky to get some in advance for testing in Norway. Dirtlej insured us the bad-mood-waterfall protection is being built-in. 🙂

And today we received the package! Inside the parcel we found two incredibly lightweight dirtsuits from dirtlej in orange with blue zippers. They seem to have a good quality and we are going to test them on the trails and under waterfalls in Norway next week. Daniel was really hoping for the pink version for matching his neon yellow Orbea Rallon, but unfortunately there is a supply problem at the moment. Dirtlej you can be sure he will continously check your website for the neon pink 🙂

Besides the dirtsuits dirtlej sent us their extended bike protection set. Looks like very reliable protection for our bikes being tied on the car´s bike rack. It appears to be like a full protection suit for our bikes including:

  • 2 forkprotector
  • 2 rearprotector
  • 2 frameprotector
  • 2 pedalprotector
  • 4 rimprotector

We will keep you updated with images and our experience with both the dirtsuits and the bike protection during our trip to Norway. Please root for Daniel the bad-mood-waterfall-protection really works. Otherwise he may be never seen again….

Thanks a lot to the dirtlej team for supporting us with your products!

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Preparing to visit Norway Fri, 05 May 2017 17:50:47 +0000

Yeah!! We are going to take our mountain bikes far up north!

Visit Norway, the country of…

…trolls? Maybe. But we are way more interested in the trails Norway has to offer. We are currently planning the trip after having booked the ferry 2 months ago. This appeared to be a good idea to do quite early as they are almost fully booked by now. Going in June will hopefully bring us some decent weather for mountain biking. Especially the fjords around Kaupanger usually has little rain in June. Let´s hope for the best.

Visit Norway with..

…our mountain bikes and a video drone. Well, it looks like we are bringing a drone this time to spice up our videos with some aerials. At the moment we are waiting for good weather here in Germany to test the gadget before feeling confident taking it out in the wilderness 🙂

Visit Norway, meeting…

…the guys from in Hallingdal. You probably realized we support them by uploading our GPS-tracks to their website. In June they are going to show us their favorite single tracks in their area personally! We are very much looking forward to biking together.

Visit Norway for…

…awesome landscapes.

…waterfalls (Dustin hates waterfalls!).

…serious mountain biking and new single tracks.

…having a great time with friends.

…making new friends.

… there are so many other options to finish this sentence. If we did not pick the right ones for you: then please

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15 % discount on guided tours on the Azores Mon, 01 May 2017 11:34:43 +0000

Special offer: Get 15 % discount on guided tours on the Azores!!

Still inspired by our destination article of the Azores? Well, here is the chance for the readers of to save 15 % on your mountain bike holidays on the Azores.

Simply follow five steps to get your discount:

1. Go to the bikesafaritour website

2. Pick one of the three services you want to book:

  • Guided Tours
  • Bike Shuttle Service
  • Rent a Bike

Or even better choose the full package!

3. Send a message in the months of May – July 2017 to bikesafaritour (use contact form, email, whatsapp, text message) and mention “” in your inquiry. Carlos from bikesafaritour will get back to you asap.

4. Enjoy your mountain bike holidays on the Azores saving 15 % with this special offer!

5. Make us happy by writing about your impressions of biking the Azores on

discount azores


Disclaimer: This an an exclusive offer from to the readers of valid only in the time from 1st of May 2017 until 31st of July 2017. The discount is valid for one-time use per person only and cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. The discount is offered directly from bikesafaritour without any contractual involvement of Furthermore, does not receive any commission for this offer.

Please bear in mind this offer is limited to the capacities of for all of the provided services.

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Azores Sun, 23 Apr 2017 20:22:48 +0000

Azores – 04/2017


Indiana Jones


Bandeirinha Downhill


16 seconds


Ridge to Coast

driving skills

Going mountain biking on the Azores was more a coincidence. Being the first time the dudes from trail-business did not go biking together. Due to the fact that Daniel had some days from his annual leave of 2016 left, he booked a one week trip to the Azores with his girlfriend Luisa. The next mountain bike destination for was born. This time with a new supporter:

Read about our impressions, after scouting out single tracks on the Azores.


It all started with planning normal holidays for me and my girlfriend. We wanted to be close to the sea and a destination that is warmer than Germany in April! After finding a cheap flight to the Azores we booked for the Portuguese island of São Miguel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Funny it wasn´t me but my girlfriend who had the idea of mountain biking for one or two days during our holidays. No need to ask me twice! To include biking into our holidays without too much effort and pre-planning, we decided to look for guided tours on the Azores. This turned out to be the best decision. After a short internet search we found At first, we wondered how they came across that name? But after meeting Carlos from bikesafaritour, it was easy to imagine him and his friends having a crazy night at the bonfire making up funny names. And this is actually the true story 🙂

After introducing trail-business to Carlos, he offered us his support. We were invited to bike with Carlos for two days on Enduro rental bikes. Awesome! Hence no further planning for us was necessary.

Best travelling time

The Region of the Azores (Região Autónoma dos Açores) is a volcanic archipelago composed of nine islands.  Approximately 1400 km west of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean the climate is subtropical with only moderate changes in temperature over the year. From September until March you can expect 10 or more raining days on average, this is why we would recommend mountain biking on the Azores from April to August.

Insider tip: This period is also the best if you want to go out for whale watching and see the big whales like humpback, sperm whale or even blue whale!

Getting there

The main travel hub on the Azores is Ponta Delgada on the main island São Miguel. Depending on where you are live it can be a bit tricky and even expensive to get there. Most connections are coming and going from or to Portugal or Germany. Check on websites like skyscanner or directly with the following airlines for flying to the Azores:

  • TAP Portugal
  • Air Berlin
  • Azores Airlines (SATA)
  • Ryan Air


Finding accommodation on São Miguel, the main island of the Azores, is fairly easy. In a way it is up to you and your budget if you prefer to stay in a hotel or a six-bed dorm. A friend from Portuguese told me that many locals own property. Therefore the offers of private guestrooms are enormous. Moreover, the government on the Azores supports the locals to set up private guestrooms. We booked via airbnb and stayed in Rabo de Peixe, a small village approximately 15 minutes drive by car from Ponta Delgada. The place itself turned out to be quite luxurious at a rather moderate price of only 33,- Euros a night.


The Azores being a part of Portugal, Portuguese is the language spoken on the archipelago. Nevertheless it seems that almost everybody speaks English. As soon as people realized our Portuguese is not really good (not to say practically non-existent) they immediately switched to English. We’re still going to equip you with some basic sentences in Portuguese on our blog that can be useful for your mountain bike holidays on the Azores.


As soon as you set foot on Sao Miguel you’ll realize there’s lots of cattle. A variety of local dairy products is available wherever you go. In addition the cows spend their days hanging around on lush green hillsides. Feeding on nothing but fresh grass, you won’t be surprised that both the cheese and the steak you get are outstanding in taste and quality. Steak is typically served with fries and a fried egg on top. You’ll get great quality at a reasonable price at the Restaurante O Galego in Ponta Delgada. Attention: you need a reservation, because it is very much frequented by locals!

Obviously, an island in the Atlantic Ocean is perfect for fresh seafood. So if you are more the fish kind of person you’ll just love the local “Cataplana”. An incredibly tasty hotpot of various fish, shrimp, clams and vegetables. We had an amazing Cataplana at the O Pescador in Rabo de Peixe.

Luckily we were invited by our host to try another local speciality. The “Cozido” is a dish cooked by the geothermal heat of the volcanic ground. Pots of variable meats and vegetables are buried in the ground near the hot springs, the “Caldeiras”. It is cooked for several hours, solely by the heat provided in the volcanic soil.

Furthermore the Azorean Pineapples make a great dessert. If you feel more like a less healthy option there’s also tons tasty Portuguese pastries. For instance our favorite the famous Pastéis de Nata.


The weather on the Azores is unpredictable, so we were lucky to have our local mountain bike guide. Carlos from always had a few options to choose from, depending on the weather at a given time or location. He also told us the most reliable weather forecast for the Azores can be found on windguru. But also that there is no such thing as a reliable forecast for the Azores.

However, during our 2 days of mountain biking we enjoyed four totally different trails. Ranging from natural and very technical downhill tracks to beautiful and easy to cycle flow trails:

Day 1

Indiana Jones trail

We started our first trip, the Indiana Jones trail, at the Lagoa do Fogo in dense fog. The Indiana Jones is a natural trail without any man made obstacles (except electric cow fences). It is pretty challenging to ride and surely something for the advanced biker – especially when it rains.

Starting with a short uphill from a parking lot at one of the lookouts, we crossed fresh and green meadows through steep and muddy washed-out trails. As the fog finally lifted it revealed a breathtaking panorama across the island and the ocean. Daniel crashed already on the first 200 meters and went down the slope landing on the soft green grass. His second crash is well documented and you can see him going over the bar in our video…


Only 500 meters later Daniel decided to take an unintended and refreshing bath in one of the muddy puddles (with a touch of cow crap). All good things come in threes and off we went into the forest. Followed by his smell – urghs! Anyhow, the almost surreal fauna of giant ferns and intense shades of green gives you the feeling of entering Jurassic Park. Sadly, we could not spot any dinosaurs.


Following a narrow and mossy path we passed small bridges, waterfalls, steep cliffs and an ancient lava river. Compared to the first section the terrain became a easier to ride with less slippery and steep sections.

Overall the Indiana Jones trail is a very beautiful trail. It is extremely diverse on its 9 km for both landscape and difficulty, but an amazing experience you should not miss biking on the Azores.

Bandeirinha Downhill track

After the Indiana Jones trail Carlos took us to the Bandeirinha Downhill track. The entry in a curve on the road is marked only by a small sign saying “Trelho Downhill” and as you can tell by the name it is a downhill track. Due to the rain over the last days the trail was very muddy and demanding. Anyways, even Luisa, being the first time on a full suspension bike, made it down. Rich on drops, doubles, root sections and narrow switchbacks you can have a lot of fun on the 2.4 km long Bandeirinha. According to Luisa it is easily possible to go around the obstacles and enjoy the ride. No need to be a downhill pro!

Day 2

16 seconds

On our second day of mountain biking on the Azores we started with a ride through a forest close to Furnas. It is called 16 seconds. According to Carlos the name derives from a challenge of two bike buddies: The first one, a skinny and well-trained guy, the other one a bit more chubby and less trained. They made a bet who manages the trail faster after only one week of training. Long story short, the chubby guy won 16 seconds ahead of the skinny guy.


Entering the 16 seconds trail we got a feeling of being part of the movie Jurassic Park again. Still no dinosaurs but dense fern, moss and full of old trees. Short but beautiful is the best description for the 16 seconds. It is probably the best trail for everybody who wants to get into mountain biking on the Azores. If you start here you will love it forever!

Ridge to Coast

Our last trail on the Azores before heading back to Germany was a smooth flow trail east of Furnas. About 4.5 km of beautiful trail winding down from 400 m high mountain ridge down to Ribeira Quente at the south coast. Not only is the trail beautiful and easy to ride, it also offers exciting sections. At about half the way we went down a couple of switchback curves with both wooden and slippery stairs, roots and washouts. In the lower part of the trail we crossed an about 1.5 m wide and 10 m long concrete bridge without any side barriers. For accessing the bridge we had to descend about 4 meters on a concrete staircase. Sounds simple but when you sit on your bike in front of the stairs to the bridge your heart will for sure beat a bit faster than your resting pulse.

What we learned

First thing we learned is more a cultural thing: You can get along with English very well on the Azores.

Secondly, you can never trust the weather forecast on the Azores. It is not only a saying that you can experience four seasons on one day – we had at least three on every day.

As this was our second mountain bike holidays with rental bikes there is another important learning: Take your time for a proper setting on the rental bike. Always check the shocker pressure and don´t forget the rebound setting, like Daniel did on his rental bike.


Our costs per person:

Flights: 245,- €

Accommodation: 130,- €

Rental bikes: Sponsored by

Food: about 25,- € /day

Total: ~ 575,- €

Our conclusion

We have to come back! Due to the bad weather we probably biked 2 % percent of what is possible on the Azores. Yes, we got a first impression of the main island São Miguel, but the other islands offer more great mountain bike trails to explore.

Moreover, the Azores provide trails for every category of mountain biking. Nevertheless we think the most intense experience is going for All Mountain and Enduro bikes to experience a taste of the Jurassic Park-like single tracks.

Furthermore, this is the first time we highly recommend going on the trails with a local guide. Sure you can bike the obvious trails, like the 16 seconds and the Bandeirinha Downhill without a guide. But on the other trails we would have had no chance finding the hidden entrances or junctions, even with a GPS track. In our case we were lucky to get support from Carlos from, who we can highly recommend.

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8 essential tools for mountain bike holidays Tue, 04 Apr 2017 12:46:00 +0000

Here you find the 8 essential tools for your bike holidays in line with our full holiday packing list. – Imagine you are on mountain bike holidays on a beautiful island somewhere in the mediterranean sea. After a scenic ride on the trails you recognize the saddle got loose or a chain link is about to break. Minor technical problems are no big deal when you are at home and close to your toolboy or a bike repair shop. Sure you can find bike shops almost everywhere, but it saves you a lot of time and hassle when you bring these 8 essential tools: Moreover, you can check your bike after every day in just a few minutes having everyting at hand.

  3. PUMP
  8. RAGS


A proper multitool is essential for every mountain biker. Therefore, we take at least one of the tools on the daily trips. It should cover the basic tools you need and have allen keys (hex keys), a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver (cross-head), a chain splitter, tyre levers, spoke keys, a knife and optionalyl if needed: box spanner 8, 9 and 10 mm and Torx keys.

There are multiple tool on the market and you find many comparisons and tests online. We personally use a Topeak ALIEN multitool for less than 50,- €.


The leatherman completes your multitool. The tool adds a pair of pliers and other useful things to your travel tool kit. Moreover, it is also useful for opening bottles and cans during travels. That is why we believe it is one of the 8 essential tools for mountain bike holidays. You are asking yourself whether to buy an imitation or the original? Well, Aron Ralston said in an interview after the movie “127 hours” that he will never buy an imitation again 😉


We guess there is no need to highlight the pump as an essential tool. Anyhw, for travelling it is important to buy a lightweight but efficient pump. Furthermore, it is definitely worth to invest in a pump with a pressure gauge!


The suspension pump is for sure an essential tool for mountain bike holidays. We even take a suspension pump on every day trip with the bike. Sometimes you recognize during a downhill your suspension has to be optimized. In that case you are happy to carry one with you.


For all non-metal parts that need lubrification suspension lube is a good choice. Moreover, it is very useful for cleaning the stanchion tubes, shafts and sealings.


The chain lube is one of the things people tend to forget. Even though it is an essential “tool” from our point of view. No matter if you biked in a dry and dusty area or it was wet and muddy. Clean and lube the chain after the rides! Usually we do it in the evening so that the lube has time to dispense properly inside the chain links over night.


The torque wrench is a completion of the real tools for your bike holidays. You may think it is too much to carry with you. Still we say it is an essential! If you apply the correct torque on your mountain bike parts, they will last much longer and your set up will also be much safer.

If you tighten the parts to hard, the inner stress inside the material will be too high and the chance the parts break increases. On the other hand if they are too loose it is dangerous they could change position during biking and in wear at the interface increases significantly. Furthermore, I once read a study that even experienced mechanics cannot “feel” the correct torque. Okay, maybe enough with the technical talk. Just get a torque wrench! 🙂


Finally we recommend to bring one rag for cleaning the parts of the drive train (an old shirt does the job) and another for the sensitive parts of the suspension (a soft cloth). Both doesn´t weigh a lot and helps you bringing the important parts of your mountain bike in good condition for the next day.

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Finding the perfect mountain bike destination Sun, 12 Mar 2017 18:30:34 +0000

Five simple steps towards the perfect mountain bike destination

We know: there are so many great places on this planet you could take your mountain bike. Hence, it feels so hard finding the perfect mountain bike destination for the next bike holidays. Maybe there isn´t even such a thing as an imperfect mountain bike destination? Okay, when you booked a trip on a cruise ship you may not have chosen the best place for mountain biking.

However, the question should be: how do you find YOUR perfect travel destination for mountain biking? In order to answer this question we sketched a simple but useful process in five steps for you.

  1. Get inspired!
  2. Find bike buddies!
  3. Set your travel time and budget.
  4. Check for biking infrastructure and GPS tracks.
  5. Choose YOUR perfect mountain bike destination.
Step 1: Get inspired!

From our experience the most important thing is that you find a destination you really want to visit (even without mountain bike). Start talking to friends about their last travels, watch YouTube videos or leaf through mountain bike magazines. You can find good sources for inspiration (besides also online:

Think about what you are passionate about during biking and what you like to see during your mountain bike holidays: mountains, forests, lakes, beaches, coastlines, cities, historical sites, other bikers, …

We usually end up with something below ten ideas in this phase. Found inspiration? Great, but you will need a bit more than just inspiration to find your perfect mountain bike destination.

Step 2: Find bike buddies!

Try to find mountain bike travel buddies as early as possible. Not only because mountain biking with friends is way more fun, it is also much safer than biking alone. Sure not everybody will be on the same level of mountain biking in terms of endurance or technical skills. But whatever you experience during your mountain bike holidays – the best part is to share this time with your friends. In that case it doesn´t matter if you cycled 25 or 28 kilometers. Moreover, you can build on the joint time for your next mountain bike holidays.

Step 3: Set your travel time and budget.

With all the inspiration from step 1 in the back of your head, you are ready for the organizational stuff. Start with setting the travel time (dates and duration) and also set a maximum for your travel budget. This may sound easy, but when you have to align with your friends this can be a time consuming step.

At this point you can rule out many places from step 1 just because of the weather. Sure, the perfect mountain bike destination does not only rely on good weather, but sunshine motivates a lot! Some destinations may be too far away. Choose a good ratio of the journey to get to the destination and time left for mountain biking. You don´t want to spend most of the time in a car or a train. The reason for this holidays is something else 😉

Limiting your budget in this step will again reduce the places you can go. But do not discard interesting places too fast. Sometimes you can get really cheap offers online ( or via a travel agency. It is always worth checking.

Always remember it is not just normal holidays: you need a bike! Prices for rental bikes vary from place to place and can be higher than you expect. For bringing your own bike, depending on the kind of transportation, you may need an expensive bike travel bag. Moreover you have to allow for spare parts, tools, clothes for different weather and much more. Check out our holiday packing list to save you from forgetting important things.

You can keep your time and budget under control by creating a planning list for the whole group of friends, who travel with you. Very soon we will provide you a planning sheet on our blog to download!

Step 4: Check biking infrastructure and GPS tracks.

After having set travel time and budget you are ready to check for GPS tracks on the internet. You can find GPS tracks in our destination articles and on, as well as on many other websites like GPSies, outdooractive or Strava. Looking for tracks gives you a good impression about mountain biking at a certain destination. Frequently, you will find touristic infrastructure for mountain bikers and online resources from local groups or tourism offices.

If you don´t find much, it doesn´t mean it is not your perfect mountain bike destination. Try to search for Facebook groups or local mountain bike clubs in that area. Via websites like you can get in touch with bikers from different countries and ask them for advice and local experience.

Step 5: Choose YOUR perfect mountain bike destination.

You probably ended up with one or two very nice options. During the process, YOUR perfect mountain bike destination probably changed a couple of times. Finally it is up to you and your buddies to decide where you want to go. The best thing about the five steps is: You still have at least one more perfect mountain bike destination left for next year!

Our relaxation advice: Allow at least one full day per week to relax and for sightseeing.

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Mountain bike cleaning – getting the bike ready for the next trip Sun, 05 Mar 2017 16:40:10 +0000

The time eventually comes when I look at my mountain bike and say to myself: „I have to take it all apart to get the dirt out of the system.”. Over the next days, I find myself looking at new bikes on the internet, which I definitely cannot effort – but they look so shiny and clean! I once heard a friend saying that mud conserves a bike. Well, I never learned that during my engineering studies. But rethinking his argument somehow takes me over another day.  The final stage is reached when I think it is no longer necessary to lube the chain, because it will be replaced anyhow. Time for a proper mountain bike cleaning!

Bring it to a bike shop?

Sure, you can bring your bike to a bike shop and get it serviced. But there are multiple reasons to do the simple things by yourself. First, it can be much cheaper to do the basic service by yourself, unless you damage expensive parts during work 😉 Secondly, it is really good to know how your bike works, if something has to be repaired during a trip on your mountain bike holidays. Thirdly, you get a good feeling of your bike´s condition, which parts are fine, and which will need replacement soon. No offence meant, but I think I will even clean my bike more thoroughly during repair than a bike mechanic would. (I am sure there are also mechanics, who are very thorough in mountain bike cleaning doing a bike service.)

For larger services, e.g. servicing the shockers or the refill of brake liquid, I guess it totally makes sense to bring the bike to a shop. In the end, it is up to you, what you do by yourself. I am happy to read about that in the comments.


Our next mountain bike holidays are getting closer and I have to get my bike in shape. This time my bike should get a full cleaning, proper lubrication and some replacement parts I bought in advance:

  • cassette
  • chain
  • crank set (due to faulty Race Face product)
  • pins for the flat pedals
  • wire for front derailleur

Over the years I built up a remarkable collection of tools, but I guess the following basic tools (buy good quality!) will bring you pretty far already:

  • Allen keys
  • Screwdrivers
  • Ratchet set
  • Cassette tool
  • Chain whip
  • Chain tool
  • Rags (most important tool)

In case you want do services on your hydraulic brakes and you know how to do it, you need a bit more. Online you can find multiple helpful tutorials on special services for your bike.

Day of the disassembly for mountain bike cleaning

I prefer to start with a basic mountain bike cleaning using a bike cleaner (like Muc-off) and a pressure sprayer for gardening. With the sprayer, the water pressure is strong enough to remove the dirt without damaging the bearings of your bike. Some people even use the high-pressure cleaners at the gas stations, but the risk of washing the grease out of your bearings is high.

After cleaning and drying the bike with a towel I start to take the bike apart. If you do this the first time: take pictures of details to ensure the correct assembly in the end.

picture of center pivot

picture of adjustment for rear suspension

Check every part for cracks and visible defects and try to turn the pivot bearings with your fingers. They should run smoothly without significant lateral play.

The last times for me everything went well, but this time the cassette dug deep into the aluminium hub and it was very hard to remove it. I am rolling on Hope Tech Pro 4 where you can easily (like on many other wheels, too) pull off the freehub. After 15 minutes the solution was the vice and a hammer. Hence I cleaned an lubricated all parts of the freehub, but I am afraid this is the last service before replacement. I consider changing it against a sell freehub next time.

picture of disassembled mountain bike

Final assembly

Doing this the first time it might take a bit longer. Look at the photos you took during disassembly in case you are not sure how to put certain things together. Follow two simple rules for the assembly of your mountain bike:

  1. Use the correct torque on every part (sometimes printed on the parts or find it online)
  2. Use Grease on moving parts (maybe not on plastic parts) – bearings, axles, shafts, pivots

If everything is properly put together you are ready for a test ride and ready for your next mountain bike holidays.

I hope this motivated you to prepare your mountain bike for the next bike holidays. Let us know in the comments what services you do by yourself or when you bring it to a shop. You have technical questions or other questions regarding mountain bike cleaning, feel free to ask.

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Preparing for the next island: the Azores Sat, 04 Mar 2017 16:09:38 +0000

The first week went really fast and now we have a great announcement to make:

The Azores, a new destination and a new sponsor:

In April, Daniel will visit the Azores, portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean, for holidays with his girlfriend. During preparation for the trip we found out the Azores seem to be a great place for mountain biking. Just last week was the Enduro-Fest 2017 on the largest of the islands, São Miguel. Therefore, it is a great chance for a new destination report on trail-business.

Consequently we got in touch with the organizer of the Enduro-Fest with a great result. Bike Safari Tour will support us with a guided enduro tour for two days. We are going to ride the most beautiful trails on the island on brand new Merida One Sixty bikes. Thank you, Carlos!!! We are really excited! :).

Getting hectic:

As already mentioned this was a very short-term decision. Now we have to get the shared video equipment from Hamburg (home of Dustin) to Frankfurt (home of Daniel). Moreover, we have to get Daniel´s girlfriend, normally riding cross country, ready for a two day enduro trip in rough terrain: New shoes, jersey and protective gear for a perfectly fashionable appearance is a must! There goes the budget 🙁

In the mean-time we keep you busy with a very inspiring video of the devinci team riding the Azores:

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repair or new? Sun, 26 Feb 2017 16:30:29 +0000
Repair Five Ten shoes:

As many of you may know mountain bike equipment is not always cheap. Due to excessive stress during use the parts don´t necessarily last long. Among the stuff that wears quickly you find: brakes, power bars (some of them only last a few minutes!!!) and helmets of lightheaded people. In most of the times, there is nothing you can do against the wear of bike parts. If you bike with flat pedals you should be familiar with the following problem. Bike shoes never last longer than a year. The shoes themselves are fine, but the soles are ripped apart by the metal pins of the pedals. As the soles of my latest Five Ten freerider shoes were torn after only one year of use, I decided to bring them to a shoemaker around the corner. Luckily, he had heard of this problem and had a material in stock he also used to repair climber´s shoes. Now what to do? Repair Five Ten shoes for 30 € or buy new for over a 100 €. I decided to give the shoemaker a chance.

After the repair:

The replacement material feels very similar to the original rubber, but slightly harder. It comes in the same thickness of 6 mm as the original soles. Different is the profile of the new sole as you can see in the pictures. Anyhow, after a first ride in the city I had to admit that the new soles have perfect grip on the flat pedals. I am curious how long they are going to last and how they perform on the trail when it is wet and muddy. I will keep you updated.

Update after a couple of weeks:

Riding for 150 km now in snow and on muddy single trails with the new soles. No sign of wear on the replacement soles so far and perfect grip! I am impressed.

]]> 0 is now online! Sat, 25 Feb 2017 10:56:10 +0000
Woohoo! After months of intense work we are now going online!

Since 2013 we (Daniel and Dustin) are going on mountain bike holidays at least once a year. During our trips we took thousands of pictures. The last two years on Gran Canaria and Minorca we even produced our first video clips you can also find on our youtube channel.

Besides all the pictures and videos, we gained a lot of experience in how to plan and optimize mountain bike holidays. As both of us have a full time job, multiple hobbies and a relationship, time and money are valuable goods. Therefore, our planning has to be efficient between job and trail.

Setting up

End of last year Dustin came up with the idea to share our knowledge on a website. Simple: Just put everything on a blog and go online. Life can be easy – this time it was not! The launch of our “almost” professional website/blog hybrid, trail-business, took us three months now. More and more ideas popped up: include funny stories from our trips, optimize planning and packing lists, provide basic translations into different languages and much more. Finally we decided to go for a blog and a section for destinations on our site. During the time we created there was not much time mountain biking. But we guess is was worth the effort.

Now is the time to share our final result with you! Whether you are only biking near your hometown or you are an experienced traveler who likes to try mountain biking during his/her holidays, here you find everything you need! Okay, maybe not everything, but we are working on it – together with you! So comment, like, ask or share on, as well as on our facebook and instagram channels.

What happens next?

Of course we are planning our next mountain bike holidays! Within the next days we will post our next destination and keep you updated.

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