We created a holiday packing list for you

Everytime you go travelling it is the same: The fear to forget something that is really important. We all know this feeling and most of the times we start a holiday packing list short before our holidays and hope it covers everything. Being through this multiple times now, we decided to draft a basic bike holiday packing list which can be reuse everytime. This list contains the most important things from spare parts all the way to basic travel equipment specifically for mountain bike holidays. Depending on where you travel, you may not need everything (e.g.: flip flops). On the other hand it is always a good idea to have gear like for instance a head lamp in your luggage.

Now here it is: download the bike holiday packing list as an excel-sheet and customize by adding or deleting fields according to your needs. You can also donwload the list as a pdf-file. If you find something very important is missing, feel free to leave a comment and we will review and integrate into one of the next versions. Happy packing!!!

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