Mountain bike holiday planner and the theory of organizing mountain bike travels

Planning mountain bike travels can get very sophisticated and confusing quickly. During planning you will come across many options asking yourself whether to go by ferry or plane, sleep at a campground or in a cabin, stay 6 or 7 days or even take a guide? Which combination is now the best in regards of your budget and travel time?

Imagine yourself planning mountain bike holidays for you and five of your friends. Now you try to find the best combination out of hundreds of solutions with respect to cost, time and environmental impact. Not an easy task! But we have been through this a few times by now and want to share something with you:

The trail-business holiday planner!

How does the holiday planner work?

It is an excel spreadsheet that can easily be used by everybody (who has Microsoft Excel running on the computer…). Download a blank version and an example file. After opening one of the files simply follow the steps in the 8 tabs along the bottom of the sheet:

  • Starting Tab: Start with entering your basic travel data (dates and people joining the tour)
  • Tab 1: Enter daily costs (assumption for food and maybe bike rental)
  • Tab 2: Enter transportation options (car, train, bus, ferry,…)
  • Tab 3: Enter accommodation (hotel, campground, cabin,…)
  • Tab 4: Enter services you want to use (guides, tour packages,…)
  • Tab 5: optionally you can enter equipment you need to purchase for this travel
  • Tab 6: Build 3 combinations based on the tabs 2-4 using the dropdown menus
  • Final Tab: In this final calculation you get an overview. Based on travel time, costs and environmental impact you can then choose you best option

The holiday planner is totally flexible and you can edit every cell colored in blue. Every tab comes with an important notice colored in red at the top of the sheet.  Don´t worry, even without substantial knowledge in excel it can easily be mastered. We are currently thinking about recording a tutorial video for you, let us know if you need it.

How much does the holiday planner cost?

It is 100 % free! is a private project so far without any monetarisation in mind. The only thing that is not free is the improvement of the holiday planner. This is where we need your input! You found mistakes, typos or have a question? Let us know and we can make the holiday planner better together.

Please download, use, like and don´t forget to leave a comment below!

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