Next stop – Romania mountains

Right after our trip to the Azores last summer  Marius from Carpathian Enduro Experience asked us if we like to visit him in the Romanian mountains. He organizes ski tours in winter and mountain bike tours in summer and offered to show us the best mountainbike tracks around Brașov.

At that time we had already started planning for visiting Madeira in 2018, but we changed our mind pretty quickly. The landscape seems to be rather untouched in the Carpathians. A great place to explore new trails in alpine area and meet the friendly romanian people.

The Carpathian mountains are stretching from Austria, Poland and Slovakia via Ukraine down south into Romania and Serbia. Our basecamp Brasov is located in the region of Siebenbürgen also known as TRANSYLVANIA!! A place full of myths and legends. Our chance for biking in Dracula´s backyard!

This time a friend of Daniel will join us. Jost is a bike addict, who even cycled 800 kilometers from Stuttgart to Hamburg for Daniels wedding last year.

Stay tuned to read what we experience in eastern Europe – Romania mountains!

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