Woohoo! After months of intense work we are now going online!

Since 2013 we (Daniel and Dustin) are going on mountain bike holidays at least once a year. During our trips we took thousands of pictures. The last two years on Gran Canaria and Minorca we even produced our first video clips you can also find on our youtube channel.

Besides all the pictures and videos, we gained a lot of experience in how to plan and optimize mountain bike holidays. As both of us have a full time job, multiple hobbies and a relationship, time and money are valuable goods. Therefore, our planning has to be efficient between job and trail.

Setting up trail-business.com

End of last year Dustin came up with the idea to share our knowledge on a website. Simple: Just put everything on a blog and go online. Life can be easy – this time it was not! The launch of our “almost” professional website/blog hybrid, trail-business, took us three months now. More and more ideas popped up: include funny stories from our trips, optimize planning and packing lists, provide basic translations into different languages and much more. Finally we decided to go for a blog and a section for destinations on our site. During the time we created trail-business.com there was not much time mountain biking. But we guess is was worth the effort.

Now is the time to share our final result with you! Whether you are only biking near your hometown or you are an experienced traveler who likes to try mountain biking during his/her holidays, here you find everything you need! Okay, maybe not everything, but we are working on it – together with you! So comment, like, ask or share on trail-business.com, as well as on our facebook and instagram channels.

What happens next?

Of course we are planning our next mountain bike holidays! Within the next days we will post our next destination and keep you updated.

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