The first week went really fast and now we have a great announcement to make:

The Azores, a new destination and a new sponsor:

In April, Daniel will visit the Azores, portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean, for holidays with his girlfriend. During preparation for the trip we found out the Azores seem to be a great place for mountain biking. Just last week was the Enduro-Fest 2017 on the largest of the islands, São Miguel. Therefore, it is a great chance for a new destination report on trail-business.

Consequently we got in touch with the organizer of the Enduro-Fest with a great result. Bike Safari Tour will support us with a guided enduro tour for two days. We are going to ride the most beautiful trails on the island on brand new Merida One Sixty bikes. Thank you, Carlos!!! We are really excited! :).

Getting hectic:

As already mentioned this was a very short-term decision. Now we have to get the shared video equipment from Hamburg (home of Dustin) to Frankfurt (home of Daniel). Moreover, we have to get Daniel´s girlfriend, normally riding cross country, ready for a two day enduro trip in rough terrain: New shoes, jersey and protective gear for a perfectly fashionable appearance is a must! There goes the budget 🙁

In the mean-time we keep you busy with a very inspiring video of the devinci team riding the Azores:

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