Repair Five Ten shoes:

As many of you may know mountain bike equipment is not always cheap. Due to excessive stress during use the parts don´t necessarily last long. Among the stuff that wears quickly you find: brakes, power bars (some of them only last a few minutes!!!) and helmets of lightheaded people. In most of the times, there is nothing you can do against the wear of bike parts. If you bike with flat pedals you should be familiar with the following problem. Bike shoes never last longer than a year. The shoes themselves are fine, but the soles are ripped apart by the metal pins of the pedals. As the soles of my latest Five Ten freerider shoes were torn after only one year of use, I decided to bring them to a shoemaker around the corner. Luckily, he had heard of this problem and had a material in stock he also used to repair climber´s shoes. Now what to do? Repair Five Ten shoes for 30 € or buy new for over a 100 €. I decided to give the shoemaker a chance.

After the repair:

The replacement material feels very similar to the original rubber, but slightly harder. It comes in the same thickness of 6 mm as the original soles. Different is the profile of the new sole as you can see in the pictures. Anyhow, after a first ride in the city I had to admit that the new soles have perfect grip on the flat pedals. I am curious how long they are going to last and how they perform on the trail when it is wet and muddy. I will keep you updated.

Update after a couple of weeks:

Riding for 150 km now in snow and on muddy single trails with the new soles. No sign of wear on the replacement soles so far and perfect grip! I am impressed.

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