Yeah!! We are going to take our mountain bikes far up north!

Visit Norway, the country of…

…trolls? Maybe. But we are way more interested in the trails Norway has to offer. We are currently planning the trip after having booked the ferry 2 months ago. This appeared to be a good idea to do quite early as they are almost fully booked by now. Going in June will hopefully bring us some decent weather for mountain biking. Especially the fjords around Kaupanger usually has little rain in June. Let´s hope for the best.

Visit Norway with..

…our mountain bikes and a video drone. Well, it looks like we are bringing a drone this time to spice up our videos with some aerials. At the moment we are waiting for good weather here in Germany to test the gadget before feeling confident taking it out in the wilderness 🙂

Visit Norway, meeting…

…the guys from in Hallingdal. You probably realized we support them by uploading our GPS-tracks to their website. In June they are going to show us their favorite single tracks in their area personally! We are very much looking forward to biking together.

Visit Norway for…

…awesome landscapes.

…waterfalls (Dustin hates waterfalls!).

…serious mountain biking and new single tracks.

…having a great time with friends.

…making new friends.

… there are so many other options to finish this sentence. If we did not pick the right ones for you: then please

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